De Ruiter’s Bakkerij has been located in Ooltgensplaat since 1950. The most distinctive speculaas cookies in the Netherlands are baked there almost every day, allowing people to enjoy a unique speculaas moment anywhere in the world.

17th century

Where it all began

Many claim that speculaas originated in the 17th century, when many herbs and spices were stored in Amsterdam. A unique combination of these fragrant spices became the basis for speculaas.

Mid 1950

Molendijk in Ooltgensplaat

You smelled it as soon as you walked past it. The tastiest products were baked for the first time on Molendijk in Ooltgensplaat.


Opening of the bakery on Pieter Biggestraat

In January 1967, the new Bakkerij de Ruiter bakery on Pieter Biggestraat was opened. Little Hansje was only two years old when he handed the bakery key to Mayor v.d. Harst.

The seventies

From pastry bakery to speculaas specialist

During the bleak winter months, the wind blew past the houses, people hid their faces inside the collar of their winter coats and the employees at De Ruiter worked overtime. The speculaas season was in full swing and that meant that plenty of speculaas was baked between September and December.

1970 > 1986

Major speculaas production on Pieter Biggestraat


1st pile of the new factory on Dorpsweg

Always around December


Speculaas has long been a popular seasonal product and an important part of the Dutch Sinterklaas celebration. The ovens started firing months in advance to meet the demand at the end of the year.

Around 1990

Product range expansion

De Ruiter’s Bakkerij kept innovating. We not only baked traditional speculaas in our bakery, but also other products, such as coffee cookies. Speculaas chunks and speculaas winter cookies would eventually be added to the product range.

May 12, 2009

Fire in the bakery

On the fateful day of May 12, 2009, a fire broke out in the bakery. The entire bakery burned down within a few hours and only a single wall was left standing. Fortunately, no one was injured.


Brand new bakery

The bakery was completely reconstructed in 2010.