Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about one of our products? You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the overview below.

How does De Ruiter’s Bakkerij handle sponsorship requests?

At De Ruiter’s Bakkerij, we regularly receive sponsorship requests for free products or a financial contribution. De Ruiter’s Bakkerij has made the well-considered choice to limit ourselves to sponsoring local initiatives and supporting the food bank. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate individual and stand-alone initiatives.

I have a product that does not meet my expectations. Who do I contact?

We’re sorry to hear that. If you have a product that does not meet your expectations, please go to the customer service page and select the option “I have a complaint”. After receiving the complaint, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to visit the bakery?

Unfortunately, we do not give guided tours of our bakery in order to continue to guarantee the quality of our products (and to ensure that none of our secret recipes are revealed). Hygiene and food safety are very important in our factory.

Where can I find allergy information on the package? 

The allergens and possible traces contained in the product are listed on the back of the packaging of all De Ruiter’s Bakkerij brands. 

What are E-numbers and why are they in your products?

An E-number is a quality mark assigned by the European Commission to certain additives that are necessary for the production of, for example, De Ruiter’s Speculaas. E-numbers are assigned to different substances. For example, some vitamins have an E-number, but the dyes from beets, carrots and substances such as beeswax and lecithin also have an E-number. The dyes used in making cookies have a natural origin.

Where can I find more information about the history of De Ruiter’s Bakkerij?

We’re delighted that you’re interested in our history. You can find more information about our history and the origins of speculaas on the History page.

My question is not listed here. How can I contact De Ruiter’s Bakkerij?

For other questions, please contact our customer service to ensure that the right person answers your question.

We will gladly assist you

For other questions, please contact our customer service to ensure that the right person answers your question.