Authentic Dutch speculaas

De Ruiter’s Bakkerij has been baking according to a traditional recipe for decades. Naturally, we can’t reveal the exact ingredients used to make our unique speculaas (traditional Dutch spiced cookies). However, our recipes obviously contain spices of the highest quality, such as nutmeg and cardamom.

Since the invention of speculaas, this combination of speculaas spices has resulted in the distinctive taste of our crispiest cookie.

De Ruiter Speculaas verpakking

Discover the delectable history

Always delicious

For any time of the day

With coffee

Our speculaas is great with coffee at any time of the day. Bonus tip: try dipping your cookie in the coffee.

On bread

Make your sandwich special by adding the authentic taste of speculaas.

On the go

Speculaas is always a great snack. Our hand-out packages ensure that you always have speculaas cookies at hand, wherever you are.